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Raw Cheddar Cheese

Raw Cheddar Cheese

16 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

This medium cheddar is for those who prefer a bold but not too sharp flavor. Still smooth but with that medium cheddary bite at the end. 

Our medium cheddar is great to as a shredded cheddar for topping pizza or to add to various dishes where cheddar is a good fit. It also great with cured meats and as a sandwich cheese. Having that medium cheddar flavor makes it quite versatile and friendly to use where a sharp cheddar is too strong.

Partnering with Lykens Valley Creamery, we aim to bring you a well-rounded-out line of excellent artisan cheeses to help you in your outside-the-supermarket-box food endeavors. Lykens Valley is unique in that they have their own dairy who produces solely for the purpose of their artisan small-scale creamery.