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Pork Ribs - St Louis Style

Pork Ribs - St Louis Style

16 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Try this delectable cut for your next barbecue recipe. Meaty, but with just the right amount of fat, our spareribs offer the tenderest of meat plus a small taste of delicious fat.

At Pasture to Fork, we cut our premium pork just like the St. Louis tradition. The cut is from the belly of the pig but doesn’t include the sternum bone, rib tips, and cartilage. When these parts are taken off, the rack looks well-formed and flat for easy cooking. The cut itself is less meaty than other rib cuts.

These ribs taste delicious and tender when baked with a flavorful dry rub, and are perfect for barbecuing. Because of the cut, browning in a pan is easy due to the straight cut. Where rounded racks make frying difficult, this cut the ideal pick for these types of recipes.

Give these Pastured Pork Ribs a try at your next barbecue and let us know what you think!