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Pork Rope Sausage - Hot Italian

Pork Rope Sausage - Hot Italian

16 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Our sugar-free hot Italian sausage, while it's spicy, is not so hot that your children cannot eat it. At the Fisher table, we serve hot Italian and the whole family eats it. It's a mildly hot sausage using natural ingredients you have in your home kitchen, like cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, and maple syrup. 

Fire up the grill for a quick sausage sandwich dinner on a weekday night or dice it up for a tasty addition to your favorite stew or meat and vegetable dish. Each package contains approximately 12 inches of rope sausage, so you’ll have enough to feast for the whole family.

Our pork sausage is sugar-free, so it’s an excellent savory option for those who are looking to limit their sugar intake. It is also free of MSG, nitrites, and gluten, which is fantastic news if you have specific dietary restrictions or just want to make more conscious decisions about where you get your food.

At Pasture to Fork, pigs are raised outdoors in open pasture or in select woodlots for the purpose of happy hogs, healthy meat, and a regenerated soil (thanks to the waste the pigs leave behind).



Pork, water, black pepper, salt, and a touch of maple syrup and/or Maple extract in the Maple flavor, and cayenne pepper