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Round Roast

Round Roast

2 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

The beef round is a large primal cut consisting mainly of the rear leg and rump of the animal. Usually separated into top round and bottom round, this is an excellent cut for roast beef.

Slow cooked over medium heat for several hours and then sliced thin across the grain, our round roast makes a meal to-be-remembered. Add potatoes, carrots, and/or onions to the roast to round out the meal, or a tasty gravy from the pan juices.

As you’ve likely come to expect, all of our beef is 100% grass fed, every time. No grain fillers here. None of our animals are given hormones, steroids, drugs, or antibiotics. We don’t use any GMOs or MSG. Our cattle are ethically raised and rotationally grazed in our perennial pastures.