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Pasture Raised Turkey

Memorable Holiday Turkeys Fresh from the Farm

Not your typical Thanksgiving Turkey - 

At Pasture to Fork, we believe in exceptional food, and aspire to raise great-tasting holiday centerpieces that become a lasting memory long after the guests have left. That’s why we raise turkeys on pasture in nature’s template, for unparalleled flavor and texture, beyond-organic nutrition, and to wow your guests.

Pastured turkey meat has a reputation for being lean (which it is due to the exercise the animals get) we share cooking strategies and techniques with you that are proven to turn out to be tender, very flavorful, and of course, highly nutritious. As is the case with other pasture-based meats, pasture-raised turkey is much higher in omega-3 fatty acids and has a better balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fats than factory-farmed turkey. 

Here is our promise for your Thanksgiving turkey (or any of our meats):

  1. No antibiotics ever, or growth promoters or vaccines; Our turkeys don’t do drugs!
  2. After spending about 4 weeks in our heated brooder to develop their first feathers, they live in portable shelters on untreated pasture. No confinement-raised turkey from Pasture to Fork!
  3. Moved at least once daily to a new area of fresh grass.
  4. All-natural diet high in grass and bugs. While we feed a GMO-free chemical-free grain to round out their diet, turkeys are excellent foragers and if allowed daily fresh grass, will consume up to 50% of their feedstuffs in grass and bugs.
  5. Raised in small flocks (no more than 300 birds) to minimize stress. The industry crams thousands of birds into a football-field-sized barn where they are constantly pressured by stress caused by the sheer numbers. This could be equated to the crowd in a sports stadium during a game (imagine living there all your life). This, by the way, is also why sub-therapeutic antibiotics are needed to keep the birds functioning.
  6. Harvested humanely, using mostly hand labor, in our on-farm processing facility. We purposely eschew USDA processing due to their required use of chlorine baths and citric-acid sprays. In a small hands-on facility like ours, we process in a far cleaner environment (simply because of scale) than high-speed thousands-of-birds-a-day mechanized processors. Because of this, chlorine baths and citric-acid sprays are simply not necessary.
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Wading through Turkey Labels -

Shopping for a responsibly raised turkey can be very confusing. The labels range from “free-range”, to “organic”, to “all-natural”, to “cage-free.” Every purveyor, it seems, claims to be above and beyond on some front. That said, virtually no grocery stores and supermarkets will try to sell you a pasture-raised turkey (not to mention GMO-free, antibiotic-free, or on-farm humanely processed), so you probably will not find that label there—though if you do, you can’t be sure the turkey really is pasture-raised unless you know the farm who produced it.

At Pasture to Fork, you can visit us anytime to see for yourself, or simply follow us to keep up with all the happenings on our farm. We are passionate about providing beyond-organic clean food and are always glad to answer any questions you have about our processes, protocols, or philosophies.


Our Thanksgiving turkeys were amazing. We cooked two of the three. Marty used my father’s tried and true method on the Weber grill. They were delicious. Our family gathered from all across the country for several days. When the weekend was over, the leftovers were gone! Thank you for all you do to enhance our lives.
Lynn - West Chester
Sam and Esther, I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration today with your guests and family. I just wanted to take a minute to say that today I ate the best Thanksgiving dinner that I’ve had in years, and mostly it had to do with that delicious, fresh turkey from your farm. Thank you! Sam, I told you my husband loves my homemade stuffing to be cooked in the turkey. Although I really wanted to cook it low and slow all night long, I chose to put it in at 325° at 8:15 AM and it was done by 3:00 PM to perfection. Blessings to you!
Barb - Plymouth Meeting
I wanted to take a moment to share a heartfelt 'thank you' from my family for the amazing turkey we enjoyed on Thanksgiving. It's fair to say most were skeptical that a pasture raised turkey would really be all that different from what we've previously found in the grocery store, but that all changed with the first bite. Throughout the evening, the turkey (who we affectionately named "Jessie" and paused multiple times during the meal to give thanks to) was the number one topic of conversation. Everyone was blown away by the difference in taste and texture, and how different it felt to know this turkey was raised happily and healthily on pasture before she came to our table. With a single meal I think our family members were convinced it makes sense to source as much food as possible from your incredible farm, and I hope that will carry forward with each of them in some way.
Galen - Conshohocken
Your turkey was the best turkey we have ever had! Thank you! If you have any left that you have frozen I would like another one 14 to 20 pounds.

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