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Regeneration and Resilience

We believe… perennial grasses, along with managed grazing animals, heal, regenerate, and revitalize soil. We also believe… that not only is it completely unlike nature to not have animals on the land, but that it is patently impossible to build soil without animals or the manures thereof. Regeneration and Resiliency in Action – As you may know, we—and other farms… Read More

Do You Have a Safe Food Supply?

If you’ve been interacting with us for a while, you know we’ve chosen to circumvent governmental oversight rather than comply. If the state and county food oversight bureaucracies had their druthers, we would have a raw milk permit to sell raw milk, a licensed and inspected kitchen in which to make homemade canned goods, an inspected processing facility to process… Read More

Is Integrity Food Worth The Effort?

Whether we face the fact or not, integrity food sourced from local farms—that care about more than the almighty dollar—is not the most convenient or the cheapest option out there. I’m sure most of you can attest that it takes extra commitment—not to mention time and money—to dedicate to integrity food. Is it worth the extra hassle and cost to… Read More

How to Live a Liberated Fear-free Life

How long could you eat—at home—before having to obtain food outside of your home? Just in case you’re asking, I do not consider myself a prepper—or a fear-monger, for that matter. It’s simply a pragmatic question. While this article may touch on a rather dark subject, I believe we benefit from looking at these kinds of realities face-on instead of… Read More

Freedom and Risk

In recent years, freedom has become a divisive term in this country. Increasingly, it’s your freedom against my freedom. Sort of like your truth and my truth. Have we forgotten that both truth and freedom are more than just words to be tossed about in whatever sense we wish them to be? I’m concerned that we’ve come to a warped… Read More

Beating the Baby Food Crisis

With headlines screaming of a shortage in baby formula, I can’t resist weighing in. I know this is one of the highly politicized stories of the day, but I’ll try to stay out of the political “weeds” surrounding this topic. Stick with me to the end and I’ll share a few resources. As always, there’s a high probability of there… Read More

Concerning Food Shortages

At this point you’ve probably been exposed to the circulating speculation regarding food shortages. This is concerning, especially given it could come on something of a global scale. But as always, I’m inclined to take a rational view of potential crises (I’ve been accused of being lackadaisical in my responses to intense situations). First and foremost, the driver of a… Read More