Delivery Sites

Don’t live near our Honeybrook farm? No problem. You can join one of our convenient buying clubs that have delivery sites, or help start a new delivery site in your area. In addition to our dairy, eggs and meat, we also offer seasonal produce from local farms.


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What is a Buying Club Delivery Site?

delivery van

Delivery drop sites are usually located in urban areas—but can be anywhere a group of customers is located. While the group of consumers may or may not know one another, simply stated, the combined interest and purchasing effort of the group of consumers in a given neighborhood makes delivery feasible and affordable for us to deliver to their area. We put effort into selecting delivery sites that are easy in/easy out and as central as possible to the customers in the area. 

Here’s how it works: The week before our scheduled drop off to a delivery site, we email our buying club members the ordering schedule for the following week, and instruct them to place an order via our online order form before the order deadline the day before our scheduled delivery. Typically, delivery is on Thursday of the following week, which allows each member several days to assemble an order. We assemble the orders on the morning of the delivery day and email an invoice.

The Process

To Order:

  1. For first time orders, email us to be connected to a current delivery location and buying club (or to talk about starting a new site in your area).
  2. Use our order form below to choose the items and quantities you want.

To Pick Up: 

  1. Meet us at the delivery site.
  2. Transfer the food from our cooler to yours. (no worries about ice, we usually have extra)
  3. Pay by either check or credit card. (unless you’ve prepaid via card) 

Our Responsibility:

  1. Carefully pack your order in ice, in a separate cooler just for you.
  2. Invoice each order separately and include a copy of the invoice in your cooler.
  3. Deliver your food on time to the pickup location in your area.

Important Notes

  • Please call us at 484-753-4422 if you see that you will be late for a pickup appointment or if there’s some emergency keeping you from picking up your order.
  • A $10.00 restocking fee will be charged for all orders not picked up.
  • If you write a check that is returned for insufficient funds, the bank charges a $20.00 fee.
  • We apply an order deadline the night before delivery day. Please, be respectful of our schedule and order on time. We hate turning down orders but having orders arrive late really complicates things.

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