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Don't settle for supermarket organic.

Get Beyond-Organic Food from Farmers You Trust

Please note, our farm is not approved or inspected by the Chester County Health Dept., the PA Dept. of Agriculture, or any other governmental institution that we’re aware of. While we are confident in the integrity of the food we raise and consume (yes, everything is vetted by our family), we want you to know that we are not a government sanctioned source.

Buyer Beware!


Sam and Esther Fisher are very passionate people about their business, running it how God has planned farming and raising livestock to be. They are very good stewards of the land, and livestock.
Loretta Englerth (Honey Brook PA)
Buy directly from the farmer. This is a good source for pasture-raised meats and raw milk from grass-fed cows.
Greg Yoder (Lancaster PA)
This place has always had the best organic dairy items. I go here for that reason. Amish place n great people who own it!...
Loretta Hodnett