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From our Farm to Your Family's Table

Convenient delivery locations in your local neighborhood.

How It Works

1 Sign Up

Create your free account and choose the pickup location closest to you. This is where we will meet you with your order.

2 Shop

Browse through our ever growing selection of pasture-raised products. Add the products you like to your order.

3 Pick Up

Meet us to pick up your order on your scheduled pickup date and time. We look forward to seeing you!

A Word on "FREE" Delivery -

Yes, we offer "FREE delivery"... but we all understand, of course (even in this age of Amazon Prime), that delivery does cost something, so here's how it works. 

We build part of our cost for delivery into our product pricing plus a flat "delivery fee" on orders below $149. This is because small orders cost nearly as much time and effort to pack and deliver as large orders, plus require more coolant to keep the product cold. 

Our goal is to make it easy for you to shop our online store without the surprise of delivery or handling fees at checkout. 

How Pickup Locations Work -

Pickup locations are usually located in urban areas—but can be anywhere a group of customers is located. While the group of consumers may or may not know one another, simply stated, the combined purchasing effort of groups of customers in a given area make affordable delivery possible in a 50–100-mile radius from our farm. We put effort into selecting delivery sites that are easy in/easy out and central to the customers in the area. However, for privacy's sake we also prefer private homes (usually a customer's home) for pickup locations.

The Process

To Order:

  1. To order, simply go to our online store, choose the items and quantities you want, select the pickup location of your choice and the preferred delivery date at checkout, and submit your order.

To Pick Up: 

  1. Meet us at the pickup location.
  2. Transfer the food from our cooler to yours, or if you're nearby simply transport the food in the bags it comes in. (No worries about ice, we usually have extra)
  3. Enjoy excellent farm-fresh food with your family and friends.

Our Responsibility:

  1. Carefully pack your order in ice, in a separate cooler just for you.
  2. Invoice each order separately and email you a copy (with all the correct weights filled in) prior to delivery. your card will be charged after the order is packed and invoiced.
  3. Deliver your food on time to the pickup location in your area.

Important Notes

  • Please call us at 484-753-4422 if you see that you will be late for pickup or if there’s some emergency keeping you from picking up your order.
  • A $10.00 restocking fee will be charged for all orders not picked up.
  • We apply an order deadline 36 hours before delivery. Please be respectful of our schedule and order on time. We dislike turning down orders but having orders arrive late complicates things on our end.