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Chicken Bones

Chicken Bones

5 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

Our chicken bones are the remaining cut after the prime cuts (breast, legs, wings, etc.) are removed from the whole chicken. While it may not be as popular as the prime cuts, it has tremendous value for soup, broth, chicken stock, or simply to cook and remove the meat for highly versatile precooked shredded chicken.

Making your own broth with our chicken bones is simpler than you might think. All you need is a good cooking pot, a package of chicken bones, a package of our hard-to-find chicken feet & heads, water, and time. Simply place the chicken bones and feet & heads into the pot, cover it with water, boil it for about an hour, and then simmer it for another 12-24 hours. After this length of time, remove the bones with a slotted spoon and you have a wonderful chicken broth that can be added to many recipes, used as a base for soup, or just to heat and sip for a tasty alternative to coffee. :)

The chicken carcass is a vital ingredient in our renowned chicken broth, as are feet and heads. These chicken bones are a beautiful combination of mineral-dense bone yet contain a nice amount of meat which adds flavor to your broth.

When you buy from Pasture to Fork, you can feel confident that it’s always GMO-free, chemical free, and raised outdoors humanely and beyond organic.