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Chicken Broth - pint frozen

Chicken Broth - pint frozen

1 Pint - 16 oz.

Traditionally valued for its tummy soothing abilities, chicken broth has in recent times been pushed aside for modern “medicine” such as Pepto-Bismal or Alka-Seltzer. However, old-time chicken broth still has all the healing properties, minus the side effects.

Homemade chicken broth has long been known as “Jewish penicillin,” it’s incredibly healthy, and when you buy it from Pasture to Fork or make your own you avoid MSG and other sources of free glutamate. Plus, our long-cooked (24 hour) broth is made with chicken feet, heads, and organs, which packs even more punch due to optimal gelatin.

Chicken broth is also the Fisher family go-to as a soup base. Water or milk-based soup just doesn’t deliver the outstanding flavor and nutrition as a good chicken broth base. Made with broth, your soup will wow your family and friends alike with it deep satisfying taste.

At Pasture to Fork, we are passionate about not only providing maximum nutrition, but are adamant about animal welfare and humane production models as well. That’s why we raise all our chicken on pasture and move them daily to fresh grass.