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Custom Cut Bulk Beef Quarter

Custom Cut Bulk Beef Quarter

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Check out the bulk beef PDF.

Need more than a quarter? We offer halves as well.

The bulk beef quarter is custom cut to your specifications in order to maximize the cuts you want most. 

Granted, there's always plenty portion of ground beef, and you may want to maximize that depending on your family's tastes and cooking habits. However, most people want to maximize steak, or roast, or they want chipped steak, summer sausage, etc., and this is where custom cut bulk beef shines.

The bulk beef quarter allows you to get all of these high-end cuts for a base carcass weight price, and the cost of processing is simply passed on at face value. 

The only downside to purchasing custom cut bulk beef is the wait (if you need a bulk portion immediately, check out beef bundles). Depending on the time of year, you may have to wait a few months until our next harvest. Otherwise, it's a win-win. You get top quality 100% grassfed beef custom cut to your specs, it comes frozen with each cut individually packaged in the package sizes you want, and you pay far less than buying it cut by cut retail. Plus, you get to enjoy the ease of in-home food abundance.

Click here to see our bulk beef PDF, which explains it all.

The undeniable fact remains that grass-fed grass-finished beef is a relatively expensive meat protein when purchased in the individual cut from a retail outlet or subscription meat purveyor. For example, the average retail price of all the different cuts of beef we carry in individual cuts is $18.00/lb. – including the lower priced cuts like bones and ground beef. However, when purchased in bulk the cost of a bulk beef quarter – after processing – is usually $10-12 a pound of take-home meat. The savings is only magnified when a half or whole beef is purchased in bulk.