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Eye Roast

Eye Roast

2 lb. Avg. | Pkg.

Eye roast comes from a muscle that’s used more, therefore is not as tender or as marbled as other roasts such as chuck. With that in mind, it’s not as good for a traditional roast beef dish, but can be made excellent by cooking long and slow in the oven or in a crockpot. Heavily used muscles always boast flavor, although they are less tender. so after cooking the eye roast over low heat for a few hours, you will have a very flavorful beef dish that’s long in being forgotten.

For a little extra appeal. slice the roast into thin (1/2″) across-the-grain slices after cooking, lay them out on a platter, and cover with a liberal coating of gravy for a to-die-for delicacy.

As always, beef from Pasture to Fork is antibiotic free, hormone free, and is grass-finished for an excellent gourmet eating experience that you can feel good about.