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Ham Hock, Hickory Smoked

Ham Hock, Hickory Smoked

2 lb. Avg. | Pkg.

When you only need a small piece of super tasty sugar-free ham for Easter, the ham hock is it. Made from our pasture raised GMO-free soy-free pork, and simply cured using only Real salt, maple syrup, and real-wood hickory smoke, this is the best and purest ham you can buy.

The ham hock is good for slow cooking by itself, and even better for pulled pork with an excellent smoked flavor. Coming from the portion of leg just below the actual ham, the hock is fully cooked via the natural real-wood hickory-smoking process.

Avoid the sugar-sodium nitrate-sodium erythorbate-sodium phosphate-potassium chloride unpronounceable concoctions in commercially raised ham and enjoy the simplicity of old-school ham tradition. You will not regret it.

At Pasture to Fork, we raise pigs outdoors and move them around the fields and woods to avoid yesterday’s toilet, as well as protect the landscape from the moon-scaping pigs naturally specialize in. It’s a win-win. happy pigs and beyond excellent pork.