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Heritage Ham Steak - smoked

Heritage Ham Steak - smoked

2 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

When you're serving a smaller group for Easter, Christmas, or some other occasion and only need a small portion of super tasty sugar-free ham, think of our tasty bone-in ham steak. Made from our pasture raised GMO-free soy-free pork, and simply cured using only Real salt, maple syrup, and real-wood hickory smoke, this is the best and purest ham you can buy.

Avoid the sugar-sodium nitrate-sodium erythorbate-sodium phosphate-potassium chloride unpronounceable concoction found in commercial ham and choose the simplicity of home-cured traditional ham. Amazingly tasty with an original hickory-smoked flavor found only because of, you guessed it, real hickory smoke.

At Pasture to Fork, we prioritize taste, texture, and quality of every cut of meat we bring to you. That's why our smoked pork is such a favorite among customers. They love the complex and savory flavor profile with notes of smokey deliciousness. We do the hard work, so all you need to do is enjoy.