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Mixed Meat Sampler

Mixed Meat Sampler

A 30 lb. variety bundle of our most popular beef, pork, and chicken cuts.

Originally designed for first time customers wanting to sample a variety of Pasture to Fork meats, the mixed meat sampler has become a popular bundle for those who appreciate having a small larder of high-quality pastured meats in the home freezer. The mixed meat sampler contains:

5 lbs. ground beef – 1 lb. packs

1 beef steak – Delmonica or T-bone

1 beef roast – Chuck, Round, or Sirloin Tip roast

1 package beef cubes or chip steak – 1 lb. packs

2 lbs. salt & pepper rope sausage – 1 lb. packs

2 lbs. maple breakfast links – 1 lb. packs

3 lbs. salt & pepper loose sausage – 1 lb. packs

2 packages pork chops – 8 oz. packs

2 packages bacon– 1 lb. packs

1 whole chicken—approx. 5 lbs.

2 packages chicken thighs – 1 lb. packs

1 package chicken breast – boneless or bone-in

1 32 oz. chicken broth