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Grassfed Grass-finished Beef

As part of our mission to provide solutions to your food dilemma, we offer a full array of grass-fed grass-finished beef. Whether it's the complex flavor of a melt-in-your-mouth steak or roast, the versatility of ground beef or hamburger patties, or hard-to-find items such as summer sausage or marrow bones; we're here to serve your needs. Contact us to learn about additional savings on bulk quarter, half, and whole beef.

1/8 Beef bundle

160 - 4 oz. portions

1/4 Beef Bundle

320 - 4 oz. portions

Sirloin Steak

12 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Round Steak

.90 lbs. / Avg. Pkg.

T-bone Steak

12 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Beef Jerky

8 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Beef Tongue

3 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

Beef Heart

1 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

Beef Liver

16 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Round Roast

2 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

Ox Tail

1 lb. Avg. | Pkg.

Flank Steak

12 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Raw Pet Food

1 lb. resealable container

Beef Bones

4 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

Chipped Steak

16 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Hanger Steak

16 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Eye Roast

2 lb. Avg. | Pkg.