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Our Products

Grass-fed Raw Dairy

Whether you’re seeking allergy relief for yourself or your child, or just wearied with the “blahness” of pasteurized milk from the supermarket, raw milk from 100% grass-fed cows is the real deal. Naturally loaded with gut-friendly enzymes and healthy bacteria (not all bacteria poses a threat), full-fat cream-on-the-top milk and dairy products from healthy grass-based dairy cows are pleasantly different from its supermarket counterpart. Grass-fed dairy is also more environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win!

Our dairy products include:

  • whole raw milk
    (with cream on top)
  • heavy cream
  • greek yogurt
  • sour cream
  • cottage cheese
  • kefir
  • butter
  • ghee
  • ice cream

Eggs from Pastured Hens


Our full-beaked, two-legged birds spend their time free-ranging on pasture consuming bugs, grass, and grain. The result is jump-up-and-slap-you-in-the-face eggs with irresistible vivid orange yolks that taste incredible. We know this is a mouthful of boast coming from the egg producers, but the difference between confinement produced supermarket eggs and pasture raised is greater than most people know. And we haven’t even mentioned the nutritional advantage.

In addition to being produced free-range on pasture, our eggs are GMO-fee and soy-free. We also stock duck eggs.

Pasture Raised Poultry


With chicken being to most consumed meat protein in America, we work to bring you the cleanest, freshest chicken available. Our chicken has no synthetic growth hormones, no drugs and antibiotics, and produced on pasture with full benefit of the four elements of nature that promote health, namely sunshine, fresh air, greens (grass), and unlimited exercise. To taste it is to know the difference between factory raised and real chicken, which most folks have never experienced.

Our chicken is available in both regular (soy) and soy-free, and we stock all the following parts:

  • whole chickens
  • bone-in whole breasts
  • boneless skinless breasts
  • leg & thighs
  • thighs
  • drumsticks
  • wings
  • neck & backs
    (used primarily for broth)
  • liver
  • hearts
  • chicken broth

100% Grass-fed Beef

grass-fed beef

We offer a full array of grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Whether it’s the complex flavor of a melt-in-your-mouth steak or roast, the versatility of ground beef or hamburger patties, or hard-to-find items such as beef franks, summer sausage, bologna, or marrow bones, we’re here to serve you.

We believe grass-fed (and of course, grass-finished) beef to be the polar opposite of grain-fed beef in terms of health benefits and environmental wellbeing. For an example, let’s consider Omega 3 to 6 ratios. Omega 3 fats, when consumed, become anti-inflammatory compounds in the human body while Omega 6’s become inflammatory compounds. While the body needs both, optimal health depends on the balancing the two. When we consume an excess of Omega 6 fats – which are found in grains, processed vegetable oils, and grain-fed red meat (foods Americans eat a lot of) – we tip the scales toward overall inflammation in the body, which is the core of most disease. Omega 3’s, however, which are proportionally high in green vegetables, fish, and in grass-fed meat and milk, and make up a relatively small portion of the American diet. The imbalance of omega fatty acids in the American diet is a major factor contributing to the numerous disease epidemics the western world deals with today.

Download our product list to see the list of beef cuts and packages we offer. We also offer quarter, half, and whole beef bulk quantities custom cut to your specifications. Contact us for information on bulk quantity beef.

Woodland/Pastured Pork

woodland pork

With pork being the most adulterated meat on the market today, early in our farm career we endeavored to produce not only a natural pork, but one that’s highly delectable as well. This lead us to a woodland/pasture production model that has proven to not only produce happy healthy hogs, but results in an unparalleled melt-in-your-mouth pork that far surpasses confinement pork. The status quo pork industry positions itself in the marketplace as “the other white meat,” but only pork from an industrial confinement production model qualifies as a white meat, due to the absence of exercise and the industrialized bigger-faster-fatter-cheaper mentality that always sacrifices animal welfare, consumer experience, and food quality for the sake of volume and price. 

Download our product list to see the list of pork cuts and packages we offer. We also offer half and whole hog bulk quantities that are custom cut to your specifications. Contact us for information on bulk quantity pork.


Ready to eat foods

We understand the need for on-the-run meals that are easy, healthy options. From heat-and-serve meat pies and tasty soups, to pickled beets, fermented sauerkraut, or salsa and cheese, we continue to offer a growing line of ready-to-eat meals. These foods come from our own desire for quick-and-easy meals that we serve our own family on “hustle” days.

Heritage and Gluten-free Baked Goods

Bread and baked goods

We partner with The Bakery at Walnut Run Farm to bring you their fresh heritage and gluten free baked goods. To ensure freshness, we do not stock baked goods in our retail store, but if you place an order at least 48 hours in advance, we’ll be sure to have it here when you arrive to pick it up. Focusing on alternative and heritage grains and flours, Walnut Run brings you the best baked goods we have found anywhere from their tiny family-run on-farm bakery. Heritage grains such as Einkorn, spelts, and almond flour, coupled with minimal sweetener, creates pastries and breads that prove to be highly digestable in an era when many people suffer gluten intolerance and digestive complications.

Download our product list below to see the list of baked goods we offer.