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Raw A2A2 Cheese

The art of cheesemaking is as ancient as domesticated cattle, and throughout the ages cheesemaking was – and still is – a means of turning highly perishable milk in a nutrient-dense storable food. But unfortunately, within the last 75 years the majority of the cheeses in the supermarket are no longer of artisan quality due to the fact that dairy is increasingly an industry-controlled standardized commodity that has little room for an artisan product. The good news is that a few small-scale artisan cheesemakers still remain that offer the memorable artisan cheeses of yesteryear. Lykens Valley Creamery in Millersburg, Pennsylvania is one of them. They are a small on-farm certified organic raw milk creamery and have their own all-grass dairy. The high quality A2A2 milk is then made into their excellent artisan cheese.